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Do you need a text,

• that is appealing and has a positive effect on you clients or those people you want to address?

• that is concise and gets to the point?

• that imparts complex and subjects in need of explanation comprehensible?

Text can make a difference! The right choice of words can open up new perspectives for your business or for yourself. The lack of time, inspiration or even interest can make it difficult for you to start writing. Needless to say, the work should be done quickly without taking up too much of your time.

text-menü offers text for every occasion focused on the actual event, the target group and the medium where the text will be placed. Due to a substantial education and training as well as many years of working experience text-menü has the ability to create an inspiring and readable text even though the subject is complex and difficult to explain. With the right ingredients and suitable seasoning text-menü can make your next mailing, press release or newsletter a great success.

Welcome to text-menü